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Some items will be moving to where they can be collected from 4S.2.3.


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Some items will be moving to where they can be collected from 4S.2.3.


Some items will be moving to where they can be collected from 4S.2.3.

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AVS Policies

All University staff may borrow media Equipment and accessories on a loan basis subject to the terms and conditions set out below. Staff will have access to all available Equipment that has been identified as necessary to successfully complete the modules that are being undertaken. Module leaders identify the Equipment groups required and these are subject to annual review.

Modern media Equipment is expensive. It is also in demand by a variety of staff. In order to effectively and efficiently manage the loan of Equipment and to ensure that all staff have an equal opportunity to access the Equipment they need, the University requires that all staff must agree to comply with these terms and conditions if they want to borrow such Equipment.

Terms and Conditions of Loan:

1. Definitions Equipment means all media/IT or other technical Equipment borrowed by you from the University; Late Return Fee means all monies payable pursuant to clause 3 of this agreement Improper use means using the Equipment otherwise than in accordance with the manufacturer's and/or the University's instructions, using the Equipment for a purpose other than intended or allowing the Equipment out of the control and custody and failing to protect it from loss or damage. Loan Period means the period for which we agree to lend you the Equipment as specified in clause 3.3 University: means Essex University

2 Equipment ownership and loan

   2.1 All Equipment remains the property of the University and the University reserves the right to invoice you for the full value of the Equipment should it be damaged or not returned within 7 days of the agreed Loan Period.

   2.2 The number and type of items you can borrow will be at the sole discretion of the University.

   2.3 The loan of high value Equipment (as determined by the University acting reasonably) and the loan of more than 5 items of any Equipment is subject to the requirement that you make a prior Reservation

   2.4 You may need to have specific academic approval for loaning large amounts of Equipment.

3 Eligibility

   3.1 To be eligible to borrow Equipment you must be:

     3.1.1 A current member of staff

     3.1.2 Registered with the University

     3.1.3 Hold and produce on request a current valid ID card

     3.1.4 Not have failed to return any Equipment for which the Loan Period has expired.

   3.2 Students must request to borrow Equipment through the Student Union

4. Loan Period and Penalties for Late Return

   4.1 A loan will be for a default period of 24 hours to a maximum of 3 days. except Equipment borrowed on a Friday which can be borrowed for a 3 day period with return by 4.30pm on the following Monday.

   4.2 Failure to return items on time will incur a Late Return Fee which you agree to pay. Late Return Fees are charged at the following rate: £5 per item per day up to a maximum of the value of the Equipment at the time of loan as ascertained by the University acting reasonably.

   4.3 If you fail to return the Equipment on the due date for return you will be unable to borrow any further Equipment until such time as the Equipment is returned and all Fines paid in full. You will be unable to extend the Loan Period for any items already borrowed by you.

   4.4 Failure to return Equipment will result in your account being added to the University's debtors list and will be referred to the University's head of Security.

   4.5 Failure to return the Equipment on the due date may lead to disciplinary proceedings under General Procedures and Regulations affecting members of staff.

5. Your Responsibility for the care of the Equipment

   5.1 From the moment that you take the Equipment from us you will be solely responsible for the care and physical state of the Equipment.

   5.2 The Equipment will be in your care from the time you take the Equipment from us until you return it.

   5.3 You must exercise all due care of the Equipment to prevent loss or damage during all such time as the Equipment is in your care.

   5.4 In the event of loss due to theft, you must report the missing items as soon as possible to the IT Service Desk.

   5.5 You must return all loaned Equipment to a member of IT Services Staff in person so that the Equipment can be tested, inspected for any visible damage and checked for completeness, the loan cleared from the system

6. No Improper Use of Equipment

   6.1 You accept FULL RESPONSIBILTY for any loss or damage to the Equipment caused by your negligence or improper use.

   6.2 You must not allow or carry out any Improper Use of the Equipment.

   6.3 You agree to pay the cost of full repair or replacement of any Equipment lost or damaged as a result of your negligence or Improper Use.

   6.4 You must not use or allow use of the Equipment in a way that puts you or anyone else in direct or indirect danger of their safety. Health and Safety is taken seriously by the University and, as such, any proven misuse of Equipment in dangerous or unsafe conditions will result in loan privileges being removed.

   6.5 If loaning mains powered lighting kits, you must have attended an orientation and induction session on the use of the kit and have proved that they are competent to use the particular Equipment in a safe manner reducing the risk of any incidents occurring.

   6.6 The loan of the Equipment is to you personally. You must not share use of or allow anyone else to use the Equipment. You should not ask someone else to return it on your behalf.

7. Return of Equipment

   7.1 You must return all Equipment in person.

   7.2 When returning Equipment you must wait until all the items loaned have been checked and marked as complete and in working order. To complete the return, you will be required to sign-off the loan by using your PC account details and password on the loans system. If any items are missing, lost, damaged or broken, you may be liable for the cost of replacements or repairs and your account may be suspened.

8. Your agreement to these terms and conditions You must have read and understood this form. Clicking on the 'I have read and accepted the terms' button on the bottom of this form constitutes acceptance of them, and agreement that you will abide by these terms when conditions when loaning Equipment.

Any concerns about the way in which the university has interpreted or applied the above contract should be raised in first instance with the Faculty's Technical Manager. If the member of staff is not satisfied with that decision then a formal complaint may be registered with the Regulations and Complaints Manager.